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Maine Fire Department at Taste N' Glow 2021

The Village of Maine Fire Department participated in Marathon City's Taste N' Glow Balloon Fest on June 9 - 11, 2021. The festival was the creation of Steve and Nancy Woller after Wausau's Rib & Balloon Fest was cancelled due to COVID19 concerns. It was held on 80 acres of land at 120th and Stettin Drive which is also the site of Trailside Snowmobile Club's Grass Drags.

The Village of Maine Firefighters and EMR were on site at the festival to provide medical coverage and assist in public safety. They also operated as an information station. Both EMR and Firefighters attended the event.

Over the course of the weekend, the Fire Department assisted in reuniting 3 youngsters with their lost parents/grandparents, and two lost wallets were returned to their owners. With Engine 1 on site, the fire fighters gave children the opportunity to go inside a real fire engine and learn more about the fire fighter's job. They provided both children and adults with giveaways and assistance as needed, providing a very positive representation of the Village of Maine.

The Maine Firefighters also held a Fill the Boot drive raising nearly $3,000 in cash for their donations account. They were in attendance at the festival for approximately 12 hours a day with almost all of the department members there the entire time each day.

Fire Department Training & Controlled Burn - May 15, 2021

The Village of Maine Fire Department participated in a controlled burn and fire training on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The structure, located at 5901 N. 32nd Avenue, provided an excellent training activity for the Village of Maine and 21 students from Northcentral Technical College's Public Safety Fire Service Program. Maine, Kronenwetter, Hamburg, Riverside FD had members that did entry under the guidance of NTC. Merrill FD provided ambulance stand-by.

Winter in the Village of Maine
Grain Bin Rescue Training

The Village of Maine Fire Department completed Grain Bin Rescue training on October 7, 2020. North Central Power Equipment generously hosted the training at their site on Emery Drive. Thanks to Diane Hummer for the photos!

Fall Photos September 2020

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